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Staten Island Contractor – Site Work Services

Site workWhen it comes to construction, every details matter. Even the slightest miscalculation can lead to irreparable damage. That is why C.A.G. Construction Corp is the only name you should trust when it involves construction of any kind. The experienced teams at C.A.G. have worked together in various environments and have dealt with a number of different situations, and have always come out on top. We take our clients through every step we take, ensuring that they are satisfied with every brick we place.

At C.A.G. Construction Corp, we know what you want, and we are determined to deliver just that our site work services include:

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At C.A.G. Construction Corp, we believe that the customer should always be left satisfied and to reach that satisfaction point, we give them exactly what they want — on time and within their budget. Demolition is an area where we excel. If there is an infrastructure that needs to be removed efficiently and safely, the C.A.G. team knows how to get it done. By using the latest equipment, we ensure a 100% output with every project we undertake.

Underground Work

Taking up a construction project requires the latest equipment and up-to-date procedures to maintain a successful outcome. In this way, the modern constructions come with their water main, sewers, storm drains, gas line, and other such amenities laid underground. We here at C.A.G. Construction Corp, make it a necessity to install these utility lines with absolute precision, so that no further work is required in the future.


Any construction project requires the initial foundation work. Whether it’s removing any residual water source, unearthing unstable matter such as sand, loose rocks, and mud, and removing the topsoil. C.A.G. delivers quality work on time, every time. We know that the foundation of any building is the most important part of a construction project and therefore, we ensure everything is checked and then double checked before going further. The team at C.A.G. always puts safety first and DOES NOT skimp out on any process.